Jonathan Richmond — Opportunities Sought

Most consultants give advice; I’m more interested in getting results, and that means having decision-makers and managers commit themselves to positive change.

Projects in international development often fail because advice is not wanted or heeded; I get key actors together and help them examine their own assumptions and adopt new ideas that enable positive change.

I help people help themselves to learn and act and gain ownership of powerful ideas that can reform management systems to ramp up productivity and bring positive outcomes in place of the often-failed status quo. My background is mainly in transportation, and I’d love work in that area, but can also operate in other sectors.

Please see my recent slideshow on problems facing the Transjakarta, Jakarta’s bus rapid transit system, where a failure to agree on a coherent management approach has led to system failure. The problem now, as in many other situations of public project failure, is not to give textbook advice that cannot be implemented, but to draw decision-makers together to confront their ideas and reach an accord that allows a turnround and solution to be realized.

I also improve governance while eliminating corruption on international development programs. I worked with stakeholders to approve an Act of Parliament to improve governance in Mauritius and have made numerous presentations of my lecture on “Approaches to Professionalism in the Face of Mismanagement or Corruption in Developing Countries,” such as at SUNY Buffalo where I was Jammal Fellow and delivered the Jammal Lecture and for ADB in Manila. I am available to give further presentations of the talk.

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