My 2005 holiday card shows me in various scenes with the wonderful students of AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) where I taught for two years. The top left picture was taken at the steam locomotive at Bangkok’s Hua Lom Pong railway station on the evening of the
Thai festival of Songkran during one of the many “Crazy Uncle Jonathan” excursions I organized. The middle top picture is at one
of the many Bangladeshi events I enjoyed celebrating with the Bangla students. At top right you can see me next to the extraordinary 19-year old pianist, conductor and composer Trisdee na Patalung and with a group of AIT students I brought to a concert at the Thailand Cultural Center courtesy of free tickets provided by the ever-generous Somtow Sucharitkul. The bottom left three pictures are from Graduation Day.
To the right, you see me in a boat with students on a fun trip to Ko Samui.